Correctional Facilities

Virtually all inmates juvenile/adult will need a document notarized, many immediately, due to a filing or representation deadline. When an individual is detained by the judicial or law enforcement system there is often a need to assign a representative immediately, not only for legal representation such as a power of attorney, but also to claim personal property such as a car, boat, airplane, personal effects, etc.


Impounded property storage alone can cost hundreds of dollars per day. Dispatching a mobile notary to a remote compound location is also very costly and can take days to coordinate. Beyond logistics there are very real security concerns surrounding introducing a civilian into the population with delays or prohibition of entry not being uncommon. Further, not only does the document need to be notarized but also returned immediately to the requesting party.

Safedocs Solution

Safedocs enables an inmate to go online to meet with a notary as soon as ready/needed to assign representation to address the issues raised above. Correctional facilities are equipped with the necessary interfaces to allow for remote notarization of documents. Convenience, travel costs, shipping cost, time savings, and safety are major benefits derived by using Safedocs.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs