Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

In today’s digital world most if not all documents are originated electronically. This medium allows for many conveniences in transport, multiple original issuances and of course electronic signature and notarization. Online electronic execution keeps the process digital and is not an interruption to workflow.


Electronic document management is one of the fastest growing initiatives within companies worldwide. One of the underserved aspects of this digital migration is what to do if that digital document must be notarized. Converting the document to paper, arranging for physical execution, fulfillment and couriered return then conversion back to digital is time consuming and costly.

Safedocs Solution

Until now, your documents can remain digital be signed, notarized and returned in minutes without the disruption in workflow associated with traditional notarization. A safer, faster and less costly solution with a more secure result!

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs