Features & Benefits

Digital Transaction Management

Safedocs cloud solution is the final bridge in the total migration to digitizing those document transactions that include a notarial act. No longer do your transactions need to be hybrid, they can stay digital from creation to execution and return!

Enterprise/Signer/Notary Profiles

Safedocs experienced management has been employing, training, managing notaries for 20+ years. Together with our enterprise solution experience, we designed Safedocs to create and manage enterprise, notary, and signer profiles to provide a more efficient solution for repetitive business demanded by enterprises.


Safedocs experience in managing nationwide notary/attorney fulfillment is unmatched in the industry. While Safedocs focus is online and authenticated signings we have partnered with the nation’s leading signing services to provide complete document signing fulfillment, from scheduling to oversight and return. Be it wet signed, electronically notarized at home/office or notarized online we can accommodate all your document signing needs.

Email Notifications

Safedocs cloud includes secure email notification of signing status both to the signer and enterprise client. Keeping you and the client fully informed of the event's status, conclusion and consumer satisfaction.

Online Signer Authentication

Safedocs online notarization utilizes the compliant Federally recognized antecedent process of identity confirmation. In place and used within the Banking, Securities, and Insurance industries for years this process has been proven to be efficient, effective and highly secure, which is why the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth relies on it as a baseline for online notarization identity verification. Additional identification procedures can be incorporated to utilize traditional identity documents such as driver’s licenses, passports etc..

Electronic Signature & Notarization

Safedocs utilizes industry standard encryption to electronically sign and notarize documents using FBCA Level 2 digital signature certificates to verify and authenticate our notaries and signing agents.

View, Capture & Store Physical I.D.

Safedocs has partnered with the nation’s leading document identification vetting firms to provide additional optional confirmation elements. Safedocs can capture the image of over 126 different identification documents worldwide. Most common domestically is a Drivers License or a Passport from which we can perform the following:

  1. Tamper determination
  2. Barcode matching of data fields
  3. Facial recognition matching
  4. Confirmation of all security elements
The results are available in seconds and if you like the captured image can be removed from notary’s local device. Contact us for a full array of addition security and identity considerations.

Digital Recording

Safedocs platform captures and stores a digital audio/video recording of the signer’s intent/capacity/willingness to sign the document(s).

Auto Population of Notary Journal

One of the top four issues that account for judgments against notaries/companies/notarial acts is that a journal is insufficiently populated to provide a defensible presentation of the act. Not only does Safedocs auto populate the notary’s journal but elements such as identification, date & time, signatures, placement of a seal, audio/video record of the act cannot be altered or ignored. In fact of the top 5 issues that represents almost every lawsuit brought against notaries/companies. Safedocs cloud solution eliminates 4 of the events from ever occurring.

Storage and Deletion

Safedocs does not store client documents or retain any Non-Public Information (NPI). If credit card payment information is requested it is processed by our nationally recognized processor and not retained by Safedocs. Once a document is confirmed as downloaded and received by signers it is automatically purged from the system.

API Integration

Safedocs is designed to be utilized by individual signers and well as enterprises or other industry solution providers. In the case of enterprises and industry solution providers, Safedocs provides REST APIs to integrate Safedocs directly into other applications for automating these processes.

Safedocs NotaryGo service

For enterprises that require the availability of paper notarization options as well as digital, Safedocs NotaryGo service is an industry first to manage the notary process from start to finish in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We provide a streamlined process that enables you to digitize your business including documents that need to be notarized. Safedocs NotaryGo service integrates to with enterprise applications through APIs.