How It Works



Safedocs provides for compliant online notarization via a secure, live audio/video webcam session between the signers and our notary. Online sessions are being conducted throughout the U.S., by our trained and certified online eNotaries. If a document does not need to be notarized but does need the security, authentication and non-repudiation of a signature whose signers identity has been verified, we provide the same service only without the notarial act. All you need is a computer with webcam.



For individuals who have a document that needs to be notarized and you want the convenience of completing the notarization on your schedule and from your home or office, Safedocs is right for you. Simply contact us to request a notarization and we'll schedule it with an online notary instantly or at a time you choose. We'll instruct you how to upload your document to Safedocs and then complete your notarization in minutes!



Many firms, from financial services to healthcare, legal to vital records, and background checks to identity proofing transact with clients and a natural result includes the need for one or more documents to be notarized. Safedocs can be integrated into the firms application and have the documents and data passed automatically to Safedocs. Safedocs then coordinates connecting notaries with the firm's client to complete signing and notarization of documents on-line. Costs and time are reduced while convenience prevails through a process that has far greater document integrity, security and portability built in than its manual paper counterpart.

Safedocs NotaryGo service – The Enterprise Management Difference. It’s one thing to have the technology to execute a notarization online; it is entirely a different skill set to manage, monitor and Q.C. the signing ceremony from scheduling through return of the executed documents in a secure, scalable and compliant fashion. Whether you transact 5 or 1000 notarized documents a day, Safedocs has the proven experience to manage it. Safedocs NotaryGo service can also include wet signed documents, in person eNotarized documents and of course online notarized transactions. You provide the documents and signers and we’ll manage the entire process, scheduling, document delivery/posting, execution oversight, Q.C. of executed documents and return. Be it a paper or electronic in person presentation or online, Safedocs is your single source for signing services management nationwide and internationally.



An invaluable aspect of our online notarization process is the convenience afforded U.S. citizens working/traveling abroad that need a domestic document notarized for execution and return to the U.S. No longer must you experience the time, travel, and cost of seeking out an Embassy, Consulate or foreign attorney to execute your notarized document. Have it done online and returned in minutes not days or weeks and at a fraction of the cost.