Identity Proofing

A digital signature associated with an identity is only as valuable as the ability to link the identity, validation, intent and non-repudiation of the individual/process. Be it employment application, secure sub-contractor access to internet worksites or the myriad of applications for licenses, permits and representative contracts, expeditiously linking the actual person to the process is critical.


Knowing your employee, contractor or representative in/for the online work world is difficult. Linking who you know with what you know in an event that is compliant, secure, and convenient that will survive challenge is a serious juggling act.

Safedocs Solution

At Safedocs we provide multiple layers of identity verifications;

  1. FBCA antecedent identity verification with an audit trail of the event.
  2. Audio-Video capture/record of the signer’s presence and intent to apply their signature to the document
  3. Photo capture of additional supportive identify document (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  4. Auto-verification of the I.D. document, including vetting to confirm content and originality
  5. Facial recognition comparisons between signer and document picture representation can be made.
All this can be executed in minutes with the complete audit file availably with the document.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online Identity Proofing from Safedocs