Many of the forms required in legal representation by and for clients require notarization. The most popular documents being; Power of Attorney, Assignment of Rights, Contracts, Wills and long term service agreements. Most clients are out of the attorney’s office when the document is require/created. The ability to immediately send/execute/notarize and return that document can be critical. Safedocs accommodates these transactions in minutes not days! The self authenticating document, securely signed, sealed and non-reputable is critical when push comes to court!


In the legal world time is money and a lot of it! Arranging to have a client receive, properly execute and expeditiously return a notarized document consumes time and money!

Safedocs Solution

Providing legal firms access to online notarization allows for fulfillment of their critical document with same day turn around regardless of where in the world their clients are. Simple, Safe, Secure and Same Day!

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs