A little know fact is the volume of notarizations that are required to be performed within the medical community. Medical power of attorney, surgical permission acknowledgements, authorization for minors… One California hospital chain process over 5000 notarial acts per month!


Hospital/Medical procedures are stressful enough; add to that the immediate need to have a document notarized and returned for yourself, a patient or a family member is logistically quite difficult. Managing that paper based document into a digital workflow of patient records is time consuming and results in the originality of the document being compromised.

Safedocs Solution

With Safedocs online notaries the answer is a click away. We can arrange for specially trained and certified online notaries to handle your patients/facility needs immediately with the resulting original document being returned directly into the patient management portal. All without the hassle of converting an original paper document to a digital copy.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs