While Safedocs primary focus is the enterprise we also service the consumer market directly as well as through our Virginia online eNotary partners. Following the Virginia eNotary Assurance Standard Safedocs SaaS provides a simple, safe and secure transaction platform for obtaining and notarizing documents online. Contact us for additional details or to notarize a document today!

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Historically the process of notarizing a document is a major disruption in document process workflow. Safedocs provides an integrated solution for enterprises through an API that allows documents to be automatically passed directly to Safedocs for video enabled online notarization or to our NotaryGo service which will decision the best way to notarize (digital or paper) as well as schedule, manage, and execute the transaction.

In addition to notarization services, Safedocs can provide just authentication services to enterprises who want to add an additional level of assurance to either a paper transaction or a digital signing. Safedocs service can be invoked to validate a signer identity only, through video enabled online authentication that is deployed as a compliment to a digital signing process or as a standalone confirmation to a paper process.

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Arranging to have a document notarized from within a foreign country is very time consuming and expensive. Contacting a U.S. Embassy or Consulate to schedule in advance a meeting that will consume at least half a day is frustrating. Arranging for a foreign attorney to notarize your domestic document requires contacting that countries notary affairs office to obtain an apostile, which takes even more time and a lot more money.

Safedocs Solution: A U.S. citizen traveling/working abroad can have a domestic document executed and returned to the required U.S. entity in minutes. No traveling, attorney meetings, consular appointments or expensive courier fees. Simple, Safe, Secure and at a fraction of the cost of traditional paper based executions. If your company has workers, contractors, offices abroad contact Safedocs to see how really easy it is to execute those critical documents in minutes not days/weeks and at a fraction of the cost.

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