Trusts & Wills

Often a high value document such as a Trust or Will requires an authenticator or notary to witness the event. An exclusive benefit to online electronic execution is the identity vetting of the signers, audio/video record of the event and the non-repudiation of the signatures. Also the benefit of a tamper evident seal applied electronically to the executed document is a security feature that cannot be duplicated in the paper world.


High value documents, particularly those to be executed by representative parties for the principal must reflect the principal’s true and unaltered intentions.

Safedocs Solution

By executing and notarizing these important documents online you are assured of compliant identity vetting, record of the intent to execute by the principals and the tamper evident sealing of the document. With a self authentication document in hand you are assured of the integrity of both the execution and unaltered contents of the document.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs