United States Embassies

Many US citizens who work or travel internationally come across situations, while out of the country, where they have a need to have a domestic document notarized.


Their options are limited and expensive in terms of cost, travel, time and inconvenience to locate a notary or attorney and complete the notarization. Either they must make an appointment in advance and travel to a U.S. Embassy/Consulate or arrange to have the notarization preformed by a local attorney. This also requires them to have that countries notarial office provide an apostile, very time consuming and expensive.

Safedocs Solution

Safedocs enables the document to be uploaded, signed and notarized in minutes. Further, the notarized document can then be sent electronically to the requesting party at no cost. Saving days if not weeks of time and at a fraction of the cost!

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs