United States Post Office

A very popular form is the USPS 1583; this allows a business or agent to receive mail on behalf of an individual or business. In today’s mobile/home office environment a shared services or business drop box service requires this form to be completed. The form is available on the USPS website and must be sign and witnessed/notarized by an authorized agent or notary before mail delivery can begin.


Often the mail recipient is traveling or not at/near the agent’s office to facilitate execution of the 1583 document. It is most common to have a notary sign the form as witness for the individual assigning their mail handling rights to a third party.

Safedocs Solution

Having the completed and unsigned form uploaded to the Safedocs portal an individual can arrange to meet the notary online and have the document witnessed/notarize by the recognized authorized agent, a notary. The form is fillable online making it easy to post and for the Safedocs notary to sign. When finished the executed form can be email to the representative postal facility for proper notification and fulfillment. Convenience, travel costs, shipping cost, time savings, all major benefits derived by using Safedocs.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs