Vital Records Requests

Vital records (birth, marriage, death) requests are routine tasks ask of all county recorders offices. With over 3,200 recording jurisdiction in the U.S. this is a significant volume of activity. Many jurisdictions require a remote request be accompanies by a signed and notarized document that allows the jurisdiction to forward the requestor a certified copy of that vital record. (link to sample form)


With such a mobile society often the requester of a vital record in not in/near the jurisdiction that contains the required vital record. That coupled with what is often a time sensitive situation creates difficulties in fulfilling the notarial document request and then couriering the document to the jurisdiction for processing and return, expensive, disruptive and time consuming.

Safedocs Solution

Safedocs enables the requester to upload the vital records request, sign and have notarized within minutes, all from the comfort of their home/office. Further, the now signed & notarized request can then be sent electronically to the recorder’s office immediately and at no cost. Convenience, travel, shipping costs, and time savings are major benefits derived by using Safedocs.

Fast, Convenient, and Secure

Online eNotarization from Safedocs